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Science Communication Awards

Last reviewed 
8 February 2016

AMRC ran the Science Communication Awards every two years from 2008-2014 in order to showcase the best and most innovative of our member charities’ communications work.

The winners of the 2014 AMRC Science Communication Awards

Best entry from a small charity - Target Ovarian Cancer

Best design - Cancer Research UK

Judges' discretionary award - Huntington's Disease Association

Category winners:

Online and social media - Alzheimer's Research UK

Best print publication - Prostate Cancer UK

Communicating controversial topics - Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Campaigning and influencing - The Brain Tumour Charity

Engaging patients and the public - British Heart Foundation

Overall winner: 

The judges were uniformly impressed by Alzheimer's Research UK's Dementia Lab, praising the comprehensive campaign for its engaging, easy to use design. On the site, visitors are guided through a virtual, interactive lab which explains each stage of dementia research and the work of the charity. It can be accessed online or through a DVD for those without internet, and uses social media to engage younger audiences.

Judges' comments:

An amazing site, both in its design and content.

Made me think more than I ever have about dementia.