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AMRC's response to the Prime Minister’s speech regarding leaving the EU

Published: 17 January 2017

In response to the Prime Minister’s speech today regarding leaving the EU, Aisling Burnand CEO of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) said:

“Uncertainty about the future has not only been a major concern to those involved in developing new drugs and treatments but also to those who benefit from it the most – patients. Although the PM’s clarification today around plans for the UK’s future relationship with the EU focused largely on trade, we must not ignore the implications for access to new and innovative medicines and other technologies.

“The UK currently operates within strong regulatory frameworks across the EU which are vital for medical research particularly clinical trials and, once developed, patient access to these treatments. These frameworks help minimise delays in accessibility for those patients who need new therapies.

“Science and research rightfully feature in the 12 objectives for negotiations outlined during the speech. We welcome the Prime Minister’s recognition of the UK’s status as a world leader in science and innovation and the acknowledgement of the importance of collaboration with EU partners in maintaining this.



For further information please contact Carol Bewick, c.bewick@amrc.org.uk, 0207 685 2624.


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3.In 2015, health and medical research charities: Invested £1.4bn in research here in the UK

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