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6 March 2015
A guest blog from Professor Martin Gibson, chief executive of NorthWest EHealth, clinical director of the NIHR GM Clinical Research Network.
17 February 2015
Last month the Health Select Committee met to discuss the Handling of NHS patient data. This blog summarises what was discussed on the day as well as covering some of the developments since the meeting.
13 February 2015
Nick Cook, senior portfolio manager at the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) tells us about their upcoming event and the importance of engineering and physical sciences to medical research.
11 February 2015
A guest blog post from Professor Moira Whyte OBE FMedSci, registrar at the Academy of Medical Sciences and professor of adult respiratory medicine at the University of Edinburgh.
23 January 2015
In this blog Dr Ralph Holme, head of biomedical research at Action on Hearing Loss, tells us how the charity has teamed up with BBSRC to fund much-needed research into hearing loss and the auditory system.
7 January 2015
Sandpits have been used to bring together researchers from a broad range of disciplines to develop research ideas, particularly in areas that traditionally have been understudied. Funders are increasingly recognising the potential of sandpits as a means of funding pilot models to answer these specific research questions. In this guest blog, Dr Iain Frame, Director of Research at Prostate Cancer UK tells us about their recent sandpit, with some helpful tips for funders who might be thinking about setting up their own.
18 December 2014
Yesterday saw the launch of the much anticipated Science and Innovation Strategy, which aims to make the UK ‘the best place in the world for science and business’. The strategy covers many of the calls in our recent challenge for government and we hope that these are taken forward after the next general election. It’s also vital we see a commitment to maintain the ringfence around the science budget beyond 2016 and that the government realises the importance of promoting research in the NHS.
12 December 2014
We’ve launched AMRC’s challenge for government in 2015. It calls on the current and future governments to support the UK medical research sector to ensure charities can continue to fund excellent science and develop life-saving treatments for patients.
11 December 2014
This week we launched our revised An Essential Partnership: a guide for charities working with industry. We hope this is helpful for charities interested in knowing how and why they might go about working with industry. ‘Collaboration’ is definitely a hot topic at the moment – it was the main theme running through our annual conference last month and Martin wrote a guest blog for the BIA explaining why collaboration really is king. Our new guide is brimming with almost new 40 case studies showcasing the various ways that charities and industry are working together and what each partner can bring to the table. So on Monday 8th December, we brought the sector together for a one day masterclass explaining how charities can go about working with industry, some top tips from those who have done it and what next. In this blog, we summarise the main themes of the day and where next.
28 November 2014
Last week we held our annual conference for members and colleagues across the medical research community. This blog summarises the main discussions from the day