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9 June 2016
The UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre (the Centre) has been set up to support the work of biobanks by improving researchers’ access to human tissue samples. One of the Centre's main projects is to develop an online Tissue Directory which will hold information about sample collections across the UK and make it easier for researchers to find and access samples for high quality research. In this blog, the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre's Project and Engagement Manager, Jessica Sims introduces the directory and discusses how health and medical research charities can help shape its future direction.
26 May 2016
With the government now acknowledging that more needs to be done for brain tumour patients and their families, Brain Tumour Research reflects on the years of campaigning, the petition that led to this change and what this package of measures proposed by the government means for families.
20 May 2016
Today is International Clinical Trials Day – where we celebrate the people who take part in trials – both as participants and researchers. Much will be written today about the great teams, and the great trials that are done. I’d like to write something a bit more personal. I’ve been involved in clinical research in one way or another for more than 20 years – so permit me a moment of hindsight, to reflect on how things have changed.
11 May 2016
Mark Terry, Clinical Research Consultant and Training Solutions Manager at Wendy Fisher Consulting discusses the implementation of HRA Approval and the impact it will have upon medical research charities.
9 May 2016
It’s almost a year ago that we started the peer review audit. In this blog, our senior research policy manager, Andy reflects on the main outcomes from the audit and why he thinks AMRC members really are ‘raising the standards of research funding’.
3 May 2016
Amy Slater is a PhD student from the University of Nottingham who has been working with AMRC as a Policy and Public Affairs Intern for the past three months. Here, she provides us with some of her experiences and views about her time with AMRC.
28 April 2016
Amy Slater, PHD student at Nottingham University and policy intern at AMRC discusses the benefits and challenges of CRISPR.
14 April 2016
Back in February, AMRC ran a new workshop 'Developing new funding schemes' for people working in research management from across our member charities, industry and those studying for an Association for Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) qualification. The workshop looked at evaluating funding portfolios and identifying areas of unmet need; creating a new scheme and evaluating its outcomes. This blog provides an overview of the day and helpful tips from the sessions.
7 April 2016
Zena Collins head of the Philanthropy team at Wellbeing of Women discusses the charity, its aims and the significance of highlighting the menopause at its recent Annual Women’s Lunch.
31 March 2016
In this blog, AMRC’s adviser Dr James Ritchie discusses the newly announced PRIME scheme and how it is expected to lead to higher quality and more efficient medicines development, facilitating patient access to promising new medicines in the shortest possible timeframe.