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14 April 2016
Back in February, AMRC ran a new workshop 'Developing new funding schemes' for people working in research management from across our member charities, industry and those studying for an Association for Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) qualification. The workshop looked at evaluating funding portfolios and identifying areas of unmet need; creating a new scheme and evaluating its outcomes. This blog provides an overview of the day and helpful tips from the sessions.
7 April 2016
Zena Collins head of the Philanthropy team at Wellbeing of Women discusses the charity, its aims and the significance of highlighting the menopause at its recent Annual Women’s Lunch.
31 March 2016
In this blog, AMRC’s adviser Dr James Ritchie discusses the newly announced PRIME scheme and how it is expected to lead to higher quality and more efficient medicines development, facilitating patient access to promising new medicines in the shortest possible timeframe.
16 March 2016
As it comes to the end of financial year, we know many of you have questions about VAT and your charity. Our data analyst, Suzanne Rix has gathered all the information to help answer your questions.
15 March 2016
The introduction of genomic medicine into the NHS poses some pretty fundamental questions, from what about insurance to who is going to look at my data? In this guest bog post Vivienne Parry, Head of Engagement at Genomics England asks: how can we make genomics an everyday conversation?
9 March 2016
AMRC member charities invest £1.3bn in research here in the UK, accounting for over a third of all publicly-funded health and medical research. But what is all this money spent on? And how does research that is funded by charities compare to government-funded research? In this blog, AMRC's research data analyst, Rachel Burden showcases some of the findings from our analysis of the charitable grant dataset. To help us answer this, the data team here at AMRC has taken an in-depth look at the datasets in the UKCRC Health Research Classification System (HRCS) 2014 report. In this blog we will
4 March 2016
AMRC's research team discuss the importance of the patient voice and when we should consider it in our work.
2 March 2016
Marie Curie has launched its first annual Research Impact Report, highlighting the outputs of the charity’s research investment since it scaled up funding for palliative and end of life care research in 2010/11. Here the Research Management Team at Marie Curie explain why they invest in palliative and end of life care research, how they collect their data and the impact of their research on policy and practice in 2014/15.  
25 February 2016
Dr Stuart Griffiths, Assistant Director - Research and strategy at Breast Cancer Now discusses the future of medical research
8 February 2016
Louise Thornhill, Study Support Facilitator at CRN National Coordinating Centre (CRNCC) discusses The NIHR Clinical Research Network, what the Study Support Service offers and the benefits it provides for the research funder.