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Our strategy

In summer 2012 we set out to develop a new strategic framework for 2012-17. We held workshops around the country, inviting members to think about what they need from AMRC in the future.

The outcome, our new strategy, holds at its heart two essential thoughts:

  • AMRC membership is a hallmark of quality
  • and AMRC should be the strong collective voice for medical research charities in the UK.

Our new strategic framework has three elements:


AMRC should help members meet their charitable objectives. We will:

  • Offer high-quality training and seminars, and ensure the topics we cover reflect emerging issues facing our members
  • Focus on producing pragmatic guidance and toolkits, which our members can use in their own work.
  • Continue to operate a rigorous process on which our quality hallmark is founded.


Our role is to ensure as positive a climate as possible for research charities. We will:

  • Scan the horizon for key developments
  • Interpret the legislative and political environment so our members don't have to
  • Represent the collective charity voice with government, partners and other stakeholders.


Medical research charities comprise a vibrant community with enormous potential to collaborate and learn from others. We will:

  • Share with our members the valuable quantitative data we collect from them
  • Offer opportunities for charities to work with industry and public funders
  • Create opportunities for members to share learning to avoid duplication of effort and maximise the value of all they do.